Holland Family File

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In addition to the "obstruction of justice" charges against them, Lisa and Tim Holland, Ricky's adoptive parents, may now have to fight to keep their other children. A neglect petition was filed in Ingham County Family Court on Saturday. The details are not yet available.

The Hollands have four other children. Three are Ricky's siblings, who are also adopted. One is their biological daughter.

Tim and Lisa Holland told us in July they brought Ricky into their home for his own good. "We wanted to make sure he had a good start and a second chance," Tim said. "We thought we could do it," Lisa said.

He was taken from his biological mother after allegations of abuse in 2000. Ricky lived in one other foster home and then at the Hollands. Once his mother's parental rights were officially terminated in 2002, the Hollands adopted him soon after.

"We want to minimize placement disruptions if we can," explains Bill Johnson of the state's foster care agency, the Department of Human Services, can't confirm anything about the Hollands case specifically, but they agreed to talk with us in general terms.

Johnson explains it's common for siblings to be removed and placed together, as it was in the Hollands' case. Checks, when the children are in foster care, are frequent, and parents undergo extensive training. Adoption requires more checks, but after it's over, "There's no ongoing monitoring."

Today, Lisa and Tim Holland are in jail on $1 million bond. She's accused of assaulting her husband. Both are accused of obstructing justice.

The state's policy now: investigate, simply to be sure the children have adequate care.