Williamston Gathers to Remember Ricky

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People from Williamston and around Mid-Michigan gathered Sunday night for a candlelight vigil to remember Ricky Holland. The seven-year-old Williamston boy, first reported missing in July, was confirmed dead Saturday. His adoptive parents have been charged in connection with his murder.

A sense of unity -- and a sense of sadness in Williamston as many gathered to remember Ricky Holland. Those at the vigil struggled to keep candles lit in the wind as they sang, prayed and listened.

It is a community that united in the search for the seven-year-old boy reported missing in July. Hundreds of volunteers searched open fields and woods in and around Williamston.

"I heard that they were searching. I went out there for a couple of days in a row," one woman said.

"Just sick...sick inside thinking he might be down there without food," another said.

And now, seven months after Ricky was first reported missing -- many came to mourn.

"It's a sad situation. Many emotions. Anger, grief, sorrow, just difficult."

They came to close a chapter of their lives...to close a chapter in the life of their community.

"I need to have closure."
"I think everybody's looking for closure and celebrate for him."

And for some in Williamston, a profound sense of loss has left the bonds in this already closely-knit city stronger.

"I feel better about our community because of our efforts to find him."

-- in Williamston, Tony Tagliavia, News 10.