Health Insurance Subsidy Calculator

Starting October 1st, Michigan residents will be able to shop for health insurance on the Michigan Health Insurance Marketplace, from 13 different insurers.

The Obama administration says that Michiganders will have to pay an average of $306 per month, before tax credits for a mid-range benchmark plan.

Michigan is below the national average of $328, and ranks 29th-lowest out of 47 states that have data available. The price of premiums will vary, depending on income, family size, age, hometown, and tobacco use.

To get an idea of what your premiums could cost, and what your family might get in federal tax credits and subsidies, use the calculator below:

From the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation:

"With this calculator, you can enter different income levels, ages, and family sizes to get an estimate of your eligibility for subsidies and how much you could spend on health insurance. As premiums and eligibility requirements may vary, contact your state’s Medicaid office or exchange with enrollment questions."

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