Remains Identified As 7-Year-Old Ricky Holland

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Investigators with the Michigan Department of Community Health have identified the human remains found in rural Ingham County Friday as those of 7-year-old Ricky Holland, the Williamston boy who was reported missing in July.

The health department was able to identify the body with dental records -- records given to law enforcement by Holland's adoptive mother, Lisa, when she reported Ricky missing in July.

Lisa Holland is now charged with obstruction of justice in connection with Ricky's murder.

The autopsy of Ricky's body is now underway, and officials say it could lead to critical evidence in the murder investigation.

"The forensic evidence is what it is and the stories are different enough to tell which is telling the truth and which is not," Det. Sgt. Roy Holliday with the Ingham County Sheriff's office said.

That's which account of the alleged murder is true -- Lisa Holland's or Tim Holland's.

Sources in the health department now say Ricky's body was not buried. Police sources tell us the body was left in a plastic bag, in a ditch by the side of the road.

Law enforcement officials say they found the remains along a rural highway south of Williamston on state hunting grounds.

The site is far from the Hollands' home on Douglas Road outside Williamston. It's also far outside the area where hundreds of volunteers searched for Ricky last summer. The body was found south of Danville -- along Williamston Road, just south of Ewers Road -- roughly 18 miles away from the Hollands' home.

Investigators and prosecutors say they're not sure when key evidence from the autopsy will become available. But that process could conceivably be made tougher because of the time that has passed and the condition of the body.

"It was approximately seven months from the time that Ricky went missing to the day he was found -- given that length of time, the body was in the condition that you would expect," Holliday said.

State health officials are conducting the autopsy at Sparrow Hospital here in Lansing. They expect the procedure to be completed by Monday at the earliest.

-- in Lansing, Tony Tagliavia, News 10.