Holland's Jailed In Connection with Son's Murder

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We saw them first as grieving parents, begging for help, and for word of their missing son.

Now we know them also as suspects. Lisa Holland was arrested at about 4:45 pm Friday. Tim Holland was brought in just before 6 pm.

"As part of the investigation, remains were locations at a rural location in Ingham County," Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth said, in a press conference.

Sources tell us a body was discovered off Williamston Road at Ewers, in Bunker Hill Township. Those remains have not yet been identified as Ricky.

"They're human--that's the best we can tell at this time," Wriggelsworth said.

"What turned this case, what led them to arrest Lisa were statements from Tim Holland," explained Andrew Abood, Lisa Holland's attorney. "When we get a chance to present our information, I think you'll see he's not a credible source."

Abood expects his client to be charged with open murder. She'll plead not guilty.

[50 11]The most massive search in the history of ingham county resulted

Because of the length of, and the public scrutiny on this investigation, these arrests give the sheriff's office a chance to exhale

The process of justice begins Saturday with two arraignments.
In the days ahead, an autopsy will provide more information on the body discovered Friday.