LCC Leaked Report

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The report says(among other things) that the information technology program Oracle was purchased by LCC in an illegal bid process. The report goes on to say the projected cost was 65 million dollars... far beyond what LCC says it's members agreed to at a little over seven million. LCC also say the bidding process was open and extensive.

Trustee member Mark Canady says the leak was a direct attempt to attack LCC President Paula Cunningham. Trustee Rasmusson released the report summary and has apologized, saying the it was a mistake... and the "report is not intended to indict or harm anyone."

The report was also conducted by a firm which is a parent company of a direct competitor of Oracle.

The LCC Board of Trustees will take up the matter at a special meeting, five o'clock on Friday. Although a portion of the meeting will be closed session, the public is invited to attend.