Chicago Nightclub Stampede, 21 Dead

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Twenty-one people are dead after hundreds of club-goers stampeded towards the exit of a Chicago nightclub over the weekend.

Fifteen hundred people occupied Epitome nightclub in Chicago when someone sprayed pepper spray into the air, causing hundreds of people to herd towards the exit and trample dozens of patrons on the way to the door.

Authorities in East Lansing say clubs with large capacities should have more than one exit, and club-goers should pay careful attention to all of the exits on every floor of the club.

Local club managers say patrons should not panic but rather listen for instructions over a public address system. Many clubs in the area have live music and open microphones, and managers and security guards can quickly inform the public with instructions as to how to evacuate the building in case of an emergency.

The East Lansing fire marshal also advises people who have house parties to make sure there are several exits to the house, in case of an emergency.