"GO BLUE" Written in Sky Above Spartan Stadium

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A message written in the sky by an airplane has Spartan and Michigan fans taking to social media.

Around 12:30 p.m. Saturday, 30 minutes into the Michigan/Akron game and 90 minutes before the MSU/Youngstown State game an airplane wrote "GO BLUE" in capital letters above Spartan Stadium.

WILX posted a photo on its Facebook page the moment the "E" in "BLUE" was finished and the photo went viral. Within four hours the picture had been liked nearly 1,500 times, commented on more than 450 times and been shared nearly 500 times.

Both Spartan and Michigan fans had a lot to say.

"Haha yes! MSU can't even get love in their home city. #GoBlue" said Jordon K. Williams.

Melanie Shamplo wrote "Typical Michigan fan, doesn't even know where the Big House is or who they're playing!!"

"I'm a Spartan 100 percent. I hate this and love this all at the same time," said Joe Stiles.

Sarah Conde wrote "Whoever paid to have this done should win the biggest football fan contest!"

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