Other Holland Kids Remain with Tim's Family, Neglect Hearing Postponed

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A hearing on a neglect petition filed by Ingham County against Tim and Lisa Holland was postponed Tuesday. It will reconvene Wednesday, but in court Tuesday, parties in the case agreed to allow the Hollands' four other children to stay with Tim Holland's family.

The court proceeding was moved to Wednesday because lawyers for Lisa Holland say their client should not have to appear in court in a jail jumpsuit. Holland, adoptive mother of Ricky Holland, did not have street clothes available.

A lawyer for Lisa Holland, Mike Nichols, explained the decision on the other Holland children:

"They're going to stay where they are placed now until we can come back to court and figure out what to do with them," Nichols said.

All parties will be back in court Wednesday for the new hearing. If the court approves the petition, the children will temporarily be under state custody.

The neglect petition was originally filed last Saturday -- one day after Lisa and Tim Holland were charged in connection with their adoptive son Ricky's murder. Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney Stuart Dunnings III says it's clear that at least temporarily, the Hollands shouldn't have custody of their four other children.

"If they're going to be incarcerated, then obviously they're not going to be able to take care of the children," Dunnings said.

That's why Ingham County and the State of Michigan filed the petition, according to prosecutors. Dunnings says the petition also seeks a new, permanent home for the Holland kids.

"DHS is requesting immediate termination of parental rights," he said.

The issue will be under discussion at the new hearing.

The original hearing didn't happen because lawyers for Lisa Holland said that, since she hasn't been convicted of any crime, she didn't want to appear in court in jail attire.

"In this court, in a jail jumpsuit, appearing to be guilty, when she is presumed innocent," Nichols said.

Until the new hearing happens, the petition cannot be considered official.

"The court has to authorize the petition."

But Dunnings says he expects the petition to be authorized -- and he expects the Hollands to lose their other children -- at least for now.

"I anticipate that the court will accept this peitition and take temporary jurisdiction of the kids," Dunnings said.

Lisa Holland did appear in court earlier Tuesday to ask for a reduction of her $1 million bail. That request was denied. Both Lisa and Tim Holland remain in custody.

-- in Lansing, Tony Tagliavia, News 10.