State of the State Reaction

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House Minority Leader Dianne Byrum (D - Ingham County) says the Governor did well by talking directly to the people of Michigan. But, Senator Patty Birkholz (R - Eaton County) says Granholm was too vague about how to fund programs she introduced.

The Governor claims 99,000 more people are working in Michigan now than the day she took office. Birkholz says she doesn't see those number in her district.

While Byrum supports the Governor in her goal to get the minimum wage increased for the first time in nine years, Birkholz says that would hurt small businesses.

The Governor also touted a new health care plan to get more than a half-million uninsured Michiganders covered. While Birkholz wonders where the money would come from, Byrum says about 2 billion in federal dollars would be used.