Cop's Punishment Upheld

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Dozens of citizens turned out to Thursday night's meeting pleading with the board to reverse it's punishment and give Perry his money back. But, not one board member would make a motion to put the issue up to a vote.

Perry was recently suspended two weeks without pay after a committee determined there was sufficient evidence he was smoking in a township car. Perry doesn't remember smoking in the car that particular day, but admits he's done it before.

But, he says the punishment is too severe, given that five firefighters were recently given verbal warnings for the exact same offense.

Christy Sumner says the difference this time is that her son was in the car with Perry when he lit up. Perry had picked up Sumner's son for illegally riding a moped... and allegedly smoked several cigarettes.

Sumner says her husband used to be a regular smoker, but never smoked in the car or house when their son was present.

Supportes of Perry say they will take measures to try and recall one or more members of the Somerset Township Board of Trustees.