Statewide Peace Protest

Peace in the Middle East
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Nearly 3,000 protestors marched from Michigan State University's Beaumont Tower to the State Capitol in Lansing Saturday. They gathered to protest a possible U.S. war in Iraq. The 3.6-mile march took nearly two hours. Speeches were held at the Capitol.

But along the way counter-protestors held signs and yelled support for President George Bush and a preemptive strike. Leaders of the counter protestors say they are actually part of a silent majority and say they felt it necessary to present their views. Many protestors from both sides agreed that representation of a variety of standpoints strengthened the march.

Police in East Lansing and Lansing were on hand to make sure the march went smoothly. They closed streets along the route for safety. Police say no arrests were made and the protest was peaceful.

This is the second march of this kind to be held in Lansing this year. Saturday's march was longer and more than three times larger than a previous march held in January.