'Lion King' to open at Wharton Center

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Kent Love, Director of Communication for the Wharton, says they've been advertising the 'Lion King' for a year and a half.

He can't get into specifics on the price the Wharton paid to bring in the Broadway hit... but, they did make renovations to the interior of the theatre just for the show. They had to remove 122 seats and widen a doorway to make room for the parade of animals.

They've also expanded their marketing. Normally, they concentrate on the Tri-County area. But, with 54 performances to sell, they've expanded their region state-wide... even to parts of Canada.

Love says the last time they had a show this big was 'The Phantom of the Opera' in the late 90's.

For tickts, go online to www.whartoncenter.com or call 517-432-2000.