LCC Glitch Report Coming As Possible New Problems Surface

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As trustees at Lansing Community College prepare to issue a report on last fall's financial aid computer glitches, some new problems may be surfacing. But trustees and the college president disagree about what may be at fault.

"Things happen with technology. Issues happen with technology," college president Paula Cunningham said Monday.

Things continue to happen with technology at LCC according to some students back on campus from winter break.

"An instructor told me 150 students just got dropped from their classes for non-payment. It's showing up as non-payment. They're waiting for their financial aid," student Ananda Simmons said.

LCC Board of Trustees Chairman Chris Laverty says he's heard of the recent problems.

"We're getting emails on that, too."

The college's vice president for advancement, Ruth Borger, says there were some problems last week -- she says those are fixed. As far as today's problems?

"They may not have paid, they may not have the academic progression necessary. We certainly want to know about that," Borger said.

College President Paula Cunningham says recent problems aren't connected to computer glitches from last fall -- glitches that dropped students from their classes because financial aid awards weren't properly processed.

But Laverty says the new problems may well be tied to the old.

"The problems are not fixed. I'm convinced the problems are not fixed," he said.

The disagreement comes after recent tension between board members and Cunningham.

Trustees formed a committee and hired an outside group to investigate the computer problems last september. Now at least part of the report has been presented to the board -- but Cunningham was not invited to the presentation.

Despite the ongoing disagreements, most board members say they want the glitch report out as soon as possible.

"I can tell you it'll happen before the end of the month," Laverty said.