MSP Seizes $220,000 From Car

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The Michigan State Police have seized $220,000 from a car in Jackson County.
Troopers were following a car at 8:30 p.m. Friday because it was tailgating another vehicle.
The troopers recognized several "indications of criminal activity" and pulled over the car.
After getting the driver's consent, they searched the vehicle.
A canine had a "hit" on a suitcase in the car.
When it was opened, $220,000 was found inside.
MSP says the driver could not offer a logical explanation for the money.
They also found the Michigan Secretary of State's booklet "What Every Driver Must Know" opened to page 83, which talks about proper following distances.
The money was seized for forfeiture proceedings.
This is believed to be MSP's third largest forfeiture in Jackson County.

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