Students Complain of Unfinished, Dirty Apartments on Move-in Day

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Imagine showing up to move into a brand new apartment only to find it in shambles.

That was the reality for dozens of students moving into their Chandler Crossings apartments Friday.

They were promised newly renovated apartments but instead many showed up to unfinished, dirty and in some cases unlivable units.

"The floors were sticky and the carpets were a mess," said Ryan Molner who admitted he and his family ended up cleaning the majority of the apartment themselves.

Malinda Robedeau said she and her friends paid extra for an apartment with an upgraded kitchen and nice furniture but instead found an unfinished kitchen and furniture stacked in the middle of the livingroom with some of it still in pieces.

"Our beds weren't even put together, the walls were all scraped up," she said. " Nothing in our apartment was put together like they said."

Robedeau said they even found an old sandwich left in their refrigerator.

And they were far from the only ones with a line stretching outside the leasing office doors with some, like Sarah Isreal, telling us they had been waiting hours to talk to the manager.

"There's not been any other managers brought in," she said. "No one has offer water, the A/C isn't even on you tell everyone's sweating... just ridiculous."

Gerry Sawyer a representative for Westpac Campus Communities, the company which owns Chandler Crossings, said the complex is in the midst of a $9 million makeover and the renovations ran behind schedule.

Crews could still be spotted moving furniture and cleaning units with some still in the units as residents were moving in.

"We planned for the very best but we had some issues that popped up and we adjusted to them as they occured," Sawyer said.

"Every time a resident called us because something wasn't done we dispatched teams to that location."

Sawyer apologized the renovations weren't completed in time and said they were doing everything in their power to ease the situation.

Several of the displaced residents were put up in a nearby hotel free of charge while others were given gift cards, special deals or discounts on rent, or were upgraded to different apartments.

Sawyer said crews would be working throughout the weekend to get everything finished up.

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