Northern Michigan Girl Reveals Details of Bear Attack

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A 12-year old girl from Northern Michigan is now sharing the story of her fight with a black bear. It all happened while she was running near her grandfather's home south of Traverse City. 12-year old Abby Wetherell was attacked by a massive black bear on thursday. She was jogging home from her grandparents house when the bear tackled her. She shared her story with ABC World News this weekend. She said after the bear initially knocked her down and clawed her, she was able to get back up and start running, but the bear came after her again and knocked her back down. She decided to lay there and play dead. When the bear came closer and seemed to calm down, Abby said she petted the bear as a last resort, but it just mauled her again. When neighbors heard her screams, they were able to come to Abby's rescue and scare the bear away. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. Abby underwent surgery and is now home doing well. There have been 7 bear attacks around the county in recent days. Experts say this is because people are vacationing in the bear's habitat, and it's feeding season. Bears are preparing for the winter. A black bear was shot and killed by a Wildlife Conservation Officer late Saturday about two miles from where Abby was attacked. That bear will be tested today to see if it was the one that attacked Abby.