Businesses Affected by Gas Prices

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Gas prices in Michigan have risen nearly 10 cents during the last week, and they might not be going down any time soon.

AAA of Michigan reports the average price of gasoline in the state is $1.67. That's 40 cents higher than last February.

Chuck Loveless, the general manager of Jon Anthony's Florist on Michigan Ave., says his delivery men and women will be delivering more than 700 Valentine orders during the next couple of days. He says his employee fill up many of the eight delivery vans at least once a day, and with the high prices, his company feels the pinch.

Experts from the Associated Petroleum Industries of Michigan say gas prices are up because of crude oil prices. They say fuel costs generally follow the price of crude oil. Uncertainty about the war, cold weather and the Venezuelan oil strike are causing prices to rise, and unless those factors change, costs could remain high.

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