One Year Anniversary of Massive I-96 Pileups

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One year ago, thick fog filled the air causing a 200 vehicle traffic accident on Interstate 96 near Williamston in Ingham County. The chain of reaction crashes which killed two and injured dozens has been dubbed the worst traffic accident in Ingham County's history.

Douglas Baker, 15 and from Holt, was one of the two killed January 12, 2005. His mother, Cathy Baker, spoke about the accident and her son on the one year anniversary of his death.

Cathy says her son was her entire life, funny and loved to watch the TV shows Cops and Fear Factor. Douglas had a rare neurological disorder and was meeting with a doctor in Farmington Hills to talk about new treatments the day of the crash. Cathy, her mom and Douglas were driving back when they hit a thick wall of fog. A semi skidded into their left lane and hit them. Douglas didn't say anything. He just took a couple of breaths and that was it.

Cathy and her mom were injured in the accident. Cathy is still recovering and dealing with the pain of losing her only child. There is a roadside memorial for Douglas on westbound I-96 near Williamston.