Skin Care Danger

Wrinkle creams, they promise to rid you of those pesky laugh lines. But now, the FDA says they should carry an important warning.

Creams containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a natural derivative from fruit that promises younger looking skin. But the FDA warns AHA's may actually age skin faster by making it more sensitive to the sun's harmful rays.

Doctors say it's the equivalent of staying out in the sun about 20 percent longer than if you hadn't been using.

The FDA is now proposing warning labels, that AHA increases the sunburn risk, which is also linked to skin cancer. But some dermatologists downplay the risk.

They say these products do not peel the skin, they work below the surface at a cellular level, so the real protective layer that we have against the sun is unharmed.

The safest choice is a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. Some advice: test them on a patch of skin behind your ear. If you have any problems or sensitivity, stop using it. Your skin should return to normal in about a week.