Cancer Part 1

In the three decades since President Nixon declared war on cancer, we have spent billions on research into effective treatments and searching for a cure.

But even the most successful treatments leave cancer patients damaged and changed. So wouldn't it be better to prevent cancer in the first place?

Ask people what causes cancer and chances are you'll hear air pollution, toxins, the environment, and don't forget electromagnetic fields, nuclear power plants and genetics. But the hard fact is that the vast majority of cancer doesn't happen to us, we do it to ourselves.

The National Cancer Institute says 70 percent of all cancers are lifestyle related. The good news is, 70 percent of cancers may be preventable if we know what to eat and what to avoid.

So where do you begin? By far, the single most important preventative step you can take is to stop smoking or using any tobacco product. One third of all cancer deaths can be attributed to tobacco.

And it's no secret that the high fat American diet has contributed plenty, both to the expanding waistline and to heart disease.

A high fat diet has also been linked to three of the top four cancer killers.

Adding to lifestyle, physical activity can cut your risk of colon and other cancers by as much as half.

One more thing to put into your hands, sunscreen to avoid skin cancer.