Stopping Teen Drinking: What Works?


Teen drinking is one of the biggest problems facing young Americans and for many the temptation to start is just too strong.

Now, results from a survey described what works best to help teens cut back or stop drinking all together. The survey asked teens what they'd tell friends who want to stop drinking.

Dr. Sandra Brown surveyed more than 1,000 teens and found not being around situations where drinking is involved is not that hard, especially if you have somebody around you can count on to help you with that problem.

The top strategies for quitting or cutting back include avoiding situations where alcohol is served, talking with friends, getting formal counseling and using self-discipline to drink less if and when you do drink.

Some teens say Alcoholics Anonymous works for them.

Dr. Brown says advice can help solve a problem that ruins thousands of young lives.

Seventy percent of the teens in that survey were Caucasian, so Dr. Brown says we need more research with black and Hispanic teens.

She says those teens might have other, different ideas about the best ways to cut back or quit drinking.