DeWitt Schools Consider Changes

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Superintendent Tina Templin says their district could rise in student population by as much a 15 percent in the next five years. She says the study (done by a Kalamazoo architectural firm) recommends changes that would be both needs and wants.

Before they decide how to finance the changes, however, she says they will have to prioritize... what are more immediate needs... what can wait.

That will be done starting in February. Templin says they will include the school board, teachers and parents.

The three options for financing the upgrades start with their general fund. But, costs go up faster than that source of income... so it's not viable.

A 20 million dollar bond would do the job... but, she says the tax burden on the homeowners and taxpayers in the district is already too high... so she's not recommending it.

Lastly, a 'sinking fund' may be the district's best option. It would also require a public vote... but unlike a bond, it's a pay-as-you-go plan... rather than 'borrow and pay back.' They could spend roughly 400-thousand a year, chipping away at immediate needs... rather than take 20 million dollars up front.

Nothing was decided at Wednesday's meeting... it was purely informational. Anyone with questions or comments is instructed to contact the DeWitt School District Offices.