Caught on Tape: Alleged Assault of 14-Year-Old-Boy by Detention Officer

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LANSING (WILX)-- A fourteen-year-old boy was grabbed and thrown against a wall by a lansing detention officer, and the entire incident on was caught on tape.

The shocking video from inside a juvenile holding cell was played in court Monday, as officer David Gladstone's trial got underway. The video showed Kane Wicks knocking on the door asking to go to the bathroom; when suddenly Gladstone came into the cell to grab him.

"This is a place of business. Stop knocking on my door and quit singing," yelled Gladstone.

Wicks wasn't injured, but it wasn't until another officer came into the room that Gladstone let go.

"I was just so mad... and terrified," said Wicks on the stand.

Gladstone is currently on paid leave, but has worked for the Lansing Detention department for more than 20 years.
Gladstone's attorneys are saying the incident was a scare tactic technique, not an assault. Wicks has history of violence and alcohol abuse, and it was hinted in the courtroom that Wicks is part of a gang. Gladstone might have been using the scare tactic to straighten him out.

Prosecution doesn't agree.
"He arguably deserved to be in the lock-up but he did not deserve that.," said Prosecutor Heather Adamo.

If found guilty Gladstone could face up to 90 days in jail for the misdemeanor, and possibly lose his job. The defense wouldn't say if they plan on putting gladstone on the stand.
The trial resumes Tuesday.

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