Evacuee's Photo Album Found and Returned

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Some people might have thought they're just pictures.

Some people would have been oh, so very wrong.

"This is my life--really my life," explains Kaysi Higgins, looking through her pictures.

The album was in a lost and found box in Denni Kraft's office at MSU last week, nearly thrown away. Kraft is the supervisor of the security services at MSU, and intended to go through the lost and found and get rid of things. The album seemed too important.

She noticed the name "Kaysi" on a birthday cake in a picture, and the school name "De La Salle" in dozens of the pictures. She searched online for that school name, and then started making calls.

"There's a lot--I called Oregon, Minnesota, Chicago...," Kraft says.

In Chicago, a secretary suggested, New Orleans had a De La Salle, and Kraft was able to convince the staff to look through records for a Kaysi. They tracked her down and set the two up for the reunion.

Kaysi and her mom landed here after the hurricane simply so Laysi could get settled at Lansing Catholic High School. Most of her photos from home aresoggy memories destroyed by Katrina.

Kaysi salvaged this one album, and brought it here when they moved. She can only guess she left it at MSU's library, studying some afternoon.

As for what Kraft did, Kaysi's just amazed.

She says after all the dark days, it's good to know there are people who are that good.