Bin Laden Back On Air

Osama bin Laden
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Osama bin Laden is apparently back on the air -- calling on Iraqis to carry out suicide attacks against Americans.

The al-Jazeera Arab satellite station has aired an audio statement from a man believed to be the terror leader.

The voice is heard urging Iraqis to carry out suicide attacks -- saying that's what scares the U.S. and Israel the most.

It also gives Iraqis tips on how to confront a possible U.S.-led war.

The voice warns them to expect a massive aerial bombardment from U.S. forces. It says they can fight back by hiding in deep trenches -- saying that's how al-Qaida fighters were able to resist U.S. forces in Afghanistan. And it says Iraqis should draw U.S. forces into combat in the cities -- where he says they will have "big casualties."

The voice also criticizes Arab nations who support the U.S. fight to disarm Iraq.

An al-Jazeera editor says the station got the 16-minute tape late Tuesday. He says it clearly contains bin Laden's voice.