New Year's Resolution for Your Pet

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Veterinarians say millions of American pets are overweight and that can lead to medical problems like joint issues, and heart and breathing problems.

An easy way to find out if your pet is overweight is to run your fingers down his ribcage. You should feel his ribs with just a light pet and you shouldn't have to dig.

Hollie Rebo, fourth year student at the MSU veterinary school, says if your pet is overweight you should start by accurately measuring how much food they eat daily. Your veterinarian may then suggest reducing that amount by 15 to 20 percent over a few weeks or months. But Rebo says any new diet plan or diet dog food should be discussed with a professional.

Things you can do right away include slowing increasing your pet's activity and making sure to provide fresh water always. Also, pets should never eat people food. Rebo says it is too high in calories and can lead to other problems with the animal's digestive tract.