Special Elections to Fill Senate Seat Could Cost $400,000

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Is it the cost of good government or just costly?

Ingham County Clerk Mike Bryanton says good government even though the county will have to put up an estimated $45,000 to print ballots and buy supplies. That's money not currently budgeted for. Bryanton says it will most likely come out of Ingham County's contingency fund.

The rest of the approximately $400,000 it will cost to hold two special elections will come from the cities and townships in the district.

Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope estimates it will run the Capital city about $90,000. The money is mainly for staff on election days. Swope says council and the Mayor Bernero will have to determine where the money will come from.

The special elections will determine who fills the Senate seat Bernero left behind. State Representative and Democrat Gretchen Whitmer are expected to announce her candidacy next week. Democrat Melissa Sue Robinson already filed her paperwork to run as did Republican Vincent Green.