Free DNA Kits

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Free fingerprinting has been available for a while, now DNA testing kits are also available free of charge.

"[The Kits] could help save days off an investigation into a missing child," said Jason Pierce, an ID Technician with the Lansing Police department who spear-headed the effort. He said all parents should prepare for the worst and take advantage of this service.

Here's how the kit works: you take two big cotton swabs and dab the inside of your child's cheeks. Then you wrap them back up, fill out your child's information and store with your child's fingerprints.

Many parents keep hair samples from their children, but Pierce said saliva is much better.

If stored properly in a safe place at room temperature, the DNA on the cotton swabs should last 15 to 20 years.

Pierce said many parents are hesitant to use these kits because they think police keep their child's DNA and fingerprints on record, which is not the case.

The kits stay with the parents so that if a child goes missing, detectives can have a better chance at finding him or her.