Delta Township in 2006

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The walls are up at Delta Township--both on the buildings, and on the closely-guarded secret that is what car they'll make here.

"We will continue to keep it a secret until it's time for us to reveal them," laughs GM spokesperson Kim Carpenter.

General Motors is keeping their product under wraps for marketing reason, but there are many in the industry that would say the walls at the plant have ears.

Automotive News reports Delta Township will build three crossover vehicles--SUV's that run like cars. They say they'll be the Buick Enclave, the GMC Acadia, and the Saturn Outlook.

"I've had an opportunity to test drive the vehicles," says UAW Local 602 President Art Luna, "and it's nice. It's a gotta-have type of product."

Automotive News says the Enclave and Acadia will be unveiled at the auto show in Detroit. Lunsa says we'll see something at the auto show next week that looks like the car or cars they'll build at Delta Township.