Pharmacists Scramble to Roll-Out Medicare Part "D"

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For the most part local pharmacists said the new system is working well one day after it began. Still many said it's taking a few extra minutes to add information into their computer systems and answer questions customers still have about their coverage.
And some glitches were found. John Williams brought his new card and prescription to the Meijer Pharmacy in Lansing, but the plan was not found in the computer. Pharmacists had to call the company. They said it was a mistake. Williams had to pay and will wait for reimbursement.

Another glitch found by pharmacists at Atlas Drugs is some people received a letter notifying them their card was on the way, but as of the second, they were still waiting on that card. With no card and no identification number, customers will have to pay and again, wait for reimbursement.

Still pharmacists say it won't take long to fix these bugs. And they urge low-income people to take advantage of the new Medicare Drug Coverage Plans.