City of Lansing Inauguration

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Virg Bernero issued this charge to a city he says is lagging behind, despite it's assets: "Ladies and gentlemen, my friends, it's time we start running to catch up."

The new mayor promises sweeping change--business expansion, riverfront development, and a downtown that makes Lansing his much-touted "hub of the wheel."

"Our biggest fault as a city, and maybe as human beings, is our failure to sometimes believe in ourselves and invest in our own potential," he explained.

He did not shy away from the issue of layoffs, acknowleding "redesigning" an efficient city may well require it.

"We will look for every opportunity to collaborate, cooperate, coordinate, yes, even consolidate for greater efficiency because that is what leaders are called upon to do, and that is what tough budget times demand," he said in his mayoral address.

City councilmembers Sandy Allen, Brian Jeffries, Kathie Dunbar, and Tim Kaltenbach, and city clerk Chris Swope were also sworn in.

Mayor Bernero asked for their cooperation, and public help in, "believing in Lansing."