Dungy Family Memorial

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As the family attended James' wake in Florida, parishioners at the Dungy family's old church in Jackson held a memorial service.

James commmitted suicide in his Tampa apartment Thursday.

Tony Dungy was born and raised in Jackson where his mom Cleo was a high school teacher and his dad Wilbur, a college professor at Jackson Community College.

Tony played football at Parkside High.

Cleo and Wilbur have since passed away. Tony and his siblings all moved out of the area.

At United Peoples Community church, people still think on them fondly.

Pastor Billy Pierce, Jr. says the Dungy's pain is their pain.

"Tony's such a humble person, and gives so much back to the community, that we hurt," he explains.

Parishioners who attended the service each signed a memorial book. They'll send it to the Dungy family.