Cashing in on Gift Cards

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While many stores offer gift cards with no restrictions, some cards have their limitations. Stores like Blockbuster have a limited-time period on their cards. And Kohl's and Toys R' Us will start deducting money if the card is not used within a certain time period.

Cards backed by the four major credit card companies may also have expiration dates and will deduct a fee if not used over some time. Many consumers think this is unfair. Still despite complaints, the Better Business Bureau tells consumers to look at each card's terms of agreement.

And if you really are not happy with your gift card, you'd like to cash it in or be able to use it in another store, there's many new Web sites that offer an exchange-type service. You should still look at the fine print when attempting to exchange your gift card for another.

Here are some Web sites that offer the exchange service: