Disease with No Apparent Cause or Cure


It's a disease that has the potential to affect thousands of Americans, unless you're a health care worker or had personal contact with the disease. You've probably never heard of it, it's called Sarcoidosis.

Cardiac Sarcoidosis is uncommon and is recognized in only a couple of percent of cases, but it is serious. It's an inflammatory disease that's common in the lungs and skin.

In the lungs the first symptoms are a cough or a wheeze, which can be mistaken for a cold. To diagnose it, doctors need a check X-Ray and a biopsy. But Sarcoidosis is more difficult to pinpoint in other organs.

When Sarcoidosis invades the heart it can weaken the muscle or more commonly short circuit the heart's electrical impulses. No one knows a cause of Sarcoidosis yet, but there may be a genetic link.

For more information on Sarcoidosis long onto the American Lung Association's Web site at www.lungusa.org/diseases/lungsarcoido.html or www.sarcoidosisonlinesites.com