Holiday Heart Attacks

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Local doctors weighed in on these statistics and said there many reasons for an increased risk of death from heart attack during the holidays. Most of those reasons relate to people delaying treatment.

"During the holidays they're busy with family things. They don't want disrupt the family celebration to complain about things," said Dr. Les Searls of Ingham Regional Medical Center's Emergency Room.

But delaying treatment can lead to more damage of the heart and even death.

"We'd like to see them within the first hour. The sooner therapy is started the better the outcome," said Searls.

Doctors warn if you have symptoms such as discomfort in your chest, jaw pain, numbness down your arm, nausea, shortness of breath, or any other feeling giving you problems that you think could be related to your heart you need to be evaluated, even if it is over the holiday weekend.