Former United Way Employee Pleads Guilty

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Guilty. That's the plea Jackie Allen-MacGregor, a former Capital Area United Way employee, entered in federal court after she was arraigned Thursday morning.

The U.S. Attorney's office charged her with two felonies including check forgery and participating in an illegal financial transaction with stolen funds from the Capital Area United Way.

MacGregor was soft spoken and reserved when a judge asked her to explain how she went about taking money from the charity in order to prove her guilt.

"I had access to the checks," she said. "I had access, and I would just type in myself, forge the signature and then deposit them."

MacGregor said she deposited the checks into a joint bank account she held with her husband. She told the judge her husband did not know about the funds in the account. She also told the judge she has been taking Prozac for depression, and she has been seeing a doctor for at least six weeks.

Attorneys said Macgregor signed a plea agreement that requires her to fully cooperate with federal authorities, disclose her assets, and fully repay the money that's missing from the United Way.

Officials from the U.S. Attorney's office in Grand Rapids said they will not pursue further charges against Jackie Allen-MacGregor regardless of whether they discover she committed more wrongdoing.

However, they are still investigating to determine whether other individuals might have been involved in criminal activity related to the embezzlement.

A judge will sentence MacGregor on May 19, 2003. Until that time, her attorney says she will be living in her Manchester home.