Holiday Blues

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Gray skies, the stress of the holidays and memories of loved ones lost can lead to holiday blues, a condition psychotherapist Mike Stratton said is common.

And for kids dealing with a lost parent or sibling, the holidays can be especially difficult.

But there are resources available for kids and adults. For kids and families grieving or remembering a lost one over the holidays, Laurie Baumer of Ele's Place recommends:
-Parents talk to their kids about their lost loved one
-Make a special ornament in memory
-Visit the gravesite

For adults also dealing with memories of someone lost or just feeling blue due to exaggerated expectations or the craziness of the season, Stratton of the Child and Family Services recommends:
-Set realistic goals
-Pace yourself
-Prioritize your activities
-Reach out to friends
-If you're lonely, volunteer

For more information or resources to talk to a professional,
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