Mid-Year Cuts Slash Non-Teaching Positions

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The Lansing School District has found a way to slice approximately $700,000 off of its $1.2 million deficit.

Roughly 17 non-teaching positions will be cut effective Jan. 20 which is the end of the district's first semester. Deputy Superintendent Jerry Jennings' job is on the chopping block. He was the only person named specifically at a news conference Tuesday outlining the decreases.

Three assistant principals, one curriculum director, two custodians, one secretary, three educational assistants, one half of a superintendent staff position and more than six supervisors and mangers will also be cut. Roughly $80,000 has also been cut from various department budgets.

The remainder of the district's deficit will come from the teachers, in one form or another. Teachers have until midnight Wednesday to vote whether to defer a portion of their promised pay raise. If they vote yes the money will go to the district and their jobs will be safe at least until the end of the school year.

If they vote no, some will most likely lose their jobs. Tuesday, 60 teachers received layoff notices. A yes vote on the pay raise deferment would make the layoff notice null and void.