Racism In Lansing City Hall?

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A month after city officials say she resigned, Dr. Genice Rhodes-Reed claims she was pressured to quit her job as the director of Lansing’s Human Relations and Community Services Department. She claims racism was a factor in her dismissal.

Bob Johnson of the Lansing mayor’s office denies these claims, saying that “Racism is not at all tolerated in this office or any part of the Lansing government, in fact our office diversity should show that.”

Johnson said Dr. Rhodes-Reed had job performance issues prompting her dismissal.

Johnson did say that the city, “Gave Dr. Rhodes-Reed the option to resign or exit less than gracefully.”

This statement supports her claim that she left the job not of her own will.

The city of Lansing says that it reviews job performance of employees on an annual basis based on the goals set by its mayor.