Criminal Charges Filed in Alleged Embezzlement Case

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Jackie Allen-MacGregor - the woman accused of embezzling at least $1.9 million from the Capital Area United Way - is expected to plead guilty to counts of forgery and illegal monetary transactions after she is arraigned in a Grand Rapids federal court Thursday.

Brian Morley, Allen-MacGregor's attorney, says Allen-MacGregor will plead guilty to speed up the criminal process and move on with her life. A judge will ultimately decide her sentence if she pleads guilty. However, federal authorities say each felony charge carries a standard penalty of ten years in prison and those penalties could be served concurrently.

Meanwhile, attorneys for the Capital Area United Way say they will soon be able to move forward with their civil proceedings once the criminal matter is complete. They say they expect Allen-MacGregor to fully cooperate in their attempts to discover the total amount of money allegedly embezzled from the organization.

United Way attorneys say they plan to obtain a judgment that will allow them to attempt to recover assets from Allen-MacGregor for up to 20 years.