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You may not be working on your tan right now, but most likely your skin is undergoing some changes this winter.

"Because it's so cold out, people are heading indoors, turning up the heat, and that lack of moisture is drying out everyone's skin," Dr. Marcy Street, Dermatologist.

With dry air comes extremely dry skin, and while slathering on extra lotion may seem like the obvious answer, adding a humidifier to your room may make a significant difference.

"Instead of the environment taking away the moisture, using a humidifier puts the moisture back into the environment, and using it makes the skin much more comfortable," said Dr. Street.

When dry skin isn't treated, extreme cases are not only painful, but can lead to serious cases like eczema, or even infections. Treatments along with lotions and humidifiers include:

  • Bath 2-3 times a week in warm (not hot) water, adding an oatmeal powder like Aveeno.

  • Cleanse body from neck down with a body sponge.

  • Pat dry with a soft towel. No rubbing.

  • Drink lots of water.

  • Eat a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables.

  • Lubricate skin immediately after bathing or showering.

  • Use humidifier.