LSD Teachers Considering Deferring Pay Raise

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Lansing teachers are considering striking a deal to give back .5% of a promised 2% pay raise in exchange for a guarantee from the school district that they won't layoff teachers this school year.

The deal means a contract change, and teachers are just learning about the plan from their union Friday, and over the weekend.

They'll begin voting on the proposal Monday, and count votes Thursday.

The deal offers the district one quarter of the 2 percent raise the teachers contract promises this year, in exchange for a new set of promises. They include an agreement not to cut positions that overload classrooms, to maximize staff contact with students, to put-off any layoffs until next year, and to identify and cut administrative jobs as well.

"They recognize that we're all in this together," says union president Jerry Swartz. He says the hundred or so teachers expressed a willingness to consider the idea.