Canvassing Board Clash

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Doyle O'Connor and Paul Mitchell kept the initiative from going through. Mitchell voted against the measure, O'Connor abstained from voting.

The measure, which opponents feel would kill all affirmative action programs in Michigan, would have needed three votes to pass. O'Connor believes the more than 500-thousand signatures obtained for the ballot measure were fraudulently obtained.

But, Ari Adler, spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Ken Sikkema, says that doesn't matter. He says the Board of Canvassers job is simply to decide if enough signatures exist to put a measure on a ballot.

Adler also says the board defied a State Court of Appeals ruling ordering them to push the measure through... and Governor Granholm should remove them from their positions.

The Governor's would only say they are monitoring the situation, which they believe has been exaggerated.

Currently, the measure is not on next year's ballot.