Tattoo Removal

A tattoo can symbolize a pleasant memory or a painful one, and removing that reminder can hurt and even leave scars. But a new procedure can painlessly remove your tattoo like a distant memory.

A nationwide survey showed young adults age18-39, 30 percent had tattoos. That number is up 300 percent since 1980.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Martin says there are different methods of sanding the skin where you're basically grinding the tattoo off, that would be dermabrasion or you might use CO2 laser where they're vaporized.

Both procedures leave scars but a new procedure called the Aurora System is less expensive, less painful and leaves no scars.

Dr. Martin says the device uses a broader base wavelength in combination with an electrical type of energy electro mechanical that allows deeper penetration into the skin.

Pulses of light penetrate the skin, treatment takes only seconds and the ink begins to break up.

Over time, the body's immune system expels the fragmented ink.

Removing a tattoo with Aurora takes up to 12 treatments, each treatment six weeks apart. The cost: between $1,000 and $2,000.