Stopping Methamphetamine at the Drug Store

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Starting Thursday a new state law to limit the spread of methamphetamine will go into effect. All stores that sell cold medicines with ephedrine or psuedoephedrine will have to keep these drugs either behind a counter, in a locked case, or 20 feet from a counter that allows an attendant an unobstructed view.

The medications will also only be sold to people 18 years old and over and the quantity will be limited to 48 tablets. Many stores will check your license upon check out not only to check your age but also to keep a written log of how much you are buying and when. This log will be available to the police.

Stores were given options as to how they want to comply with the new law. The Meijer stores have cards on display of each medication that is kept behind the pharmacy counter. A customer needs to bring that card up to the pharmacy technician in order to purchase the drug.

Since January 1st, there have been 22 meth-related incidents in Eaton County alone and five were actual meth labs. Sheriff Michael Raines and House Representative Rick Jones hope by controlling the drugs, the state can cut down on 80 percent of meth. labs.