Road Worker Memorial

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Nathan and Dana stott pause for cars to pass, crossing the very same road where a car took their father's life just a week ago.

"This is where my dad took his last breath," Nathan says.

Martin Stott, 54, died along M-21 last Friday. He was working as the flagman at a construction site, when police say Dennis Lee Brown--allegedly drunk--hit him and then drove away.

Stott's sons see the death as a murder. Their anger toward the man accused of causing their father's death is raw and pointed.

"It was a choice to get behind the wheel," Dana says.
"I would like to see this guy spend a lifetime in jail," Nathan says.

Both boys are certain anger wouldn't have been Martin Stott's answer.

"My dad was a forgiving man--he's telling us something," Dana says.

Nathan's wife is due with their first son any minute now. They'll name him Blake Martin Stott, and in doing so, try to pass on his grandfather's legacy.

The families also looking for closure by placing a flower memorial along M-21 at Struble where Martin died. "I want a lot of people to know what happened here," Dana says. Mostly though, "I want him back."