Parents React to Holt Redistricting

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Mondays' meeting was a second comment opportunity on an expanded redistricting proposal. Like the first time it was offered, it's as much a sounding board as it is an information session.

Some concerns, like Rick Brooks, could only be answered with a no-vote on the proposal. His chidren aren't of school-age yet, and that's the problem.

"We actually sought out property in the Horizon school district," he says. "Our home is ready in a month, and our opportunity to get into Horizon is slipping away.

Other worries, like David Bird's , ask assurance from the district. As an army of parents nodded, he wants to know if the district is putting finances ahead of children.

To that end, the school district came Monday tonight armed with figures.
This new plan saves more than $67,000 in transporting kids. It's attractive too, in that it keeps all class sizes as lean as possible.

That shuffling is the problem for many parents.

"For my daughter that's in kindergarten, it'll be 3 years in a row to different schools," explains David Bird.

Disruption is unavoidable, and that's the part school officials can't answer with numbers. They can say only kids tend to be resilent, and hope each opportunity to sound-off makes the plan both better, and easier to swallow for objecting parents.