Reducing Your Families Second-Hand Smoke

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Health officials in Ingham County want residents to reduce their second-hand smoke exposure not through legislation but through education.

Dr. Dean Sienko of the county health department says smoking occurs in nearly 20 percent of Ingham County homes with families. He says they're hoping parents will try to quit or at least avoid smoking around the kids. Second-hand smoke can have serious health effects on children such as an increased risk for asthma and other lung conditions.

The health department offers smoking cessation programs to help parents quit and for non-smokers they also offer tools such as a new website to help them find restaurants with limited smoke exposure.

Seventy-two percent of the county's restaurants are smoke-free, but out of the other 28 percent officials say at least 68 percent do not effectively reduce second-hand smoke in the non-smoking section.

To find out how your favorite restaurant fared, visit: and click on the restaurant inspection link.