New Hope for Infertile Couples

Researchers have made a discovery that may one day offer new hope for infertile couples.

A new discovery by researchers at UC San Francisco show how the embryo sticks to the uterine wall, special molecules ply a critical role.

Researchers say timing is everything, the molecules found on the surface of the uterus for only a short period of time during a woman's cycle and a special protein coating on the embryo must hook up for a woman to get pregnant.

Much of infertility is caused by failure to implant. In the future it may be possible to coat embryos with the special molecule so it will stick better to the uterine wall and increase the odds of a successful pregnancy.

Experts say much more research is needed before a potential treatment is developed out of this discovery. The new research may also help develop contraceptives that are not based on hormones like the pill. Instead they would block the implantation of the embryo.